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QEW Publishing missed its goal for the 2018 1st Quarter New Releases! Sadly, the new comic books that had been selected for publication were not ready by their March 31st release date. This was due to some delays with production and budgeting management. Nevertheless, here at QEW HQ, the objective to publish BLOOD & SILVER #4, THE GIFTED #1, and DARK POWERS #1 still remains in focus. Although a series of technical difficulties configuring image files of lettered story art pages in their required format had been slightly part of the problem, that's now finally beginning to work out. Lettering for BLOOD & SILVER #4 has been completed and the image files for those are currently being properly reconfigured for re-submission. The books are now set to be 2018 2nd Quarter New Releases. THE GIFTED #1 is currently being lettered with DARK POWERS #1 to be next. QEW Publishing is hoping to have the books available for showcasing before its first schedule convention exhibition of this new year.


It is very sad to report that any efforts to proceed with the production of MASTER 2 MASTER have been officially spiked. For whatever reason, artist, Mick Nave may have declined to continue with its production as he'd originally agreed upon with QEW Publishing. The project had seemed to be coming along quite nicely. Initially, he had submitted fantastic penciled/inked story art for pages 1-4, but hasn't submitted anything else since then, and he's unfortunately been incommunicado for quite some time. QEW Publishing has conceded that there's no need to continue wasting efforts and limited resources on this project. MASTER 2 MASTER has therefore been rendered inactive, removed from QEW Publishing's Active TDL, and set aside indefinitely. 


Very happy to report that production is still in its stages of progression. No story art or communications hadn't been received from artist, Conan Momchilov, for some time now. However, he has reached out recently to inform about personal issues that have been imposing setbacks on his production efforts. He also says that in spite of this, he's remaining committed to see this project's production through to its completion. This is absolutely relieving news. A significant amount of time and resources and effort have been contributed to AMERICAN RIPPER's creation. David Berner's scripting is a fitting and essential factor to the telling of this suspenseful historical fantasy. Reassurances from Conan Momchilov will certainly help to make this happen.


Production of this comic has been regretfully stalled. Significant setbacks have been due to non-production. Since signing on about 3.5 months ago, no actual story art has been submitted for review from artist, Antonio Goulart, and there hadn't been any direct communications from him, either. But he did finally respond to report that he's been recovering from injuries he'd sustained in an accident. Antonio said that he had fallen, which resulted in a dislocated wrist and a cracked rib. According to him, the splint that he'd been wearing has long since been removed and he now seems to be recovering favorably. Antonio also said that he'd managed to produce only five pages of story art, which QEW Publishing is hoping to receive for review very, very soon.


QEW Publishing believes that the stagnancy from the lack of production progress on this mini-series and its fundraising efforts have been tolerated long enough. It's high time now for a full rekindling of some momentum on it. To begin this restart, QEW Publishing has reached out to ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO co-creator and Dark One Closet founder, Isaiah Jenson, agreed with this, too, and wants to see some results with promotion and production as well. He's already reserved an exhibit spot for Dark Ones Closet at the annual horror convention event, Crypticon-Seattle 2018, scheduled for May 4-6. QEW Publishing intends to extend its merchandising efforts and possibly recruit and active ZMZ promotion agent or two. New ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO Go Fund Me promo cards, custom tank tops, stickers, buttons, and even a video ad are on the list of ideas, as well as forming a ZMZ promo team for Washington and Oregon states. QEW Publishing is aiming for everything to be ready on time for Crypticon.


The sabbatical on producing QEW Publishing's first novel of vampire fiction has gone on long enough. There will be renewed efforts to set aside time to resume working on the rough manuscript for BLOOD ROOT.
Six or seven rough chapters still remain to be composed. For the next following three months there'll be focus on doing just that. QEW Publishing will also be considering being more earnest in forming a special beta-reader group as well. This could help with generating new inspiration and maybe provide constructive criticism. Snippets of  updated rough editions of BLOOD ROOT may be even posted periodically on QEW Publishing's intellectual property subsidiary Facebook Page, Strike Point.


It's extremely difficult for small press independent comics to be consistently distributed to retail stores with any favorable consistency. So what if there was a retail venue established exclusively for small press independent comics? It would be the ideal venue made solely for independent creators and publishers, who would be paid on a simple, mutual consignment basis. QEW Publishing is actually working on spearheading the creation and eventual formation of such a place. A name has already been given to this project and a candidate, who'll be appointed as its manager, has already been selected. Once it's established, QPQ here will reveal more about it as submissions of indie comics will be sought to help fulfill this long overdue idea to finally become a reality.

WEN-CON 2018

In the last QPQ edition, QEW Publishing had reported that it hadn't planned on attending very many comic book conventions because it was more focused this year on publication expenses. But thanks to THE GIFTED mini-series' creator-owner and artist, Chad Dulac, QEW Publishing has been invited to attend and exhibit at Wen-Con, Wenatchee, Washington's local pop culture convention. Initially, it had been Chad who had been offered an invitation from Wen-Con to attend and exhibit his artwork. While he was grateful and honored by this, he instead graciously suggested to Wen-Con that his invitation be extended to QEW Publishing. So despite there not being any intent this year to attend any shows, this could still be a wonderful opportunity to showcase QEW Publishing's indie comics to Wenatchee locals and possibly have a chance to solicit its books at its comic retailer there, Galaxy Comics. This is also a motivator to ensure that printed editions of THE GIFTED #1 are made readily available to showcase there.


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