Friday, September 30, 2016



For the time being, QEW Publishing has decided that it will forego exhibiting at Emerald City Comi-Con. That event is sadly no longer a feasible venue for showcasing. Under ECCC's new management, ReedPOP, the convention seems to now be implementing a particular new criterion for applying exhibitors. QEW Publishing was denied reservation exhibit space for ECCC 2016, and now again for its 2017 scheduled event. However, despite this bittersweet parting of ways, QEW Publishing has elected to direct its resources towards attending other local convention venues here in the state of Washington. The horror convention Crypticon Seattle, in Seatac, Lilac City Comicon in Spokane, Rose City Comi-Con in Portland, Oregon, Bellingham Comicon in Ferndale, and Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma all remain accessible and fitting venues for QEW Publishing. Four of these events have already been settled to attend around  the end of this year and the beginning of next year. ECCC's growth and success will continue to be applauded and edified here at QEW HQ, so all should be well and good and balanced for the future of the convention-exhibiting home front.


When HELLION creator/writer, Jim Savard, submitted a proposal that HELLION #4 should be released on Halloween 2016, a plan was immediately drafted to help make it a possibility. The story art for the fourth issue has already been fully penciled and inked. All the coloring and lettering just needs to be completed. To achieve this production feat, a series of pretty tight deadlines have been imposed during the month of October. All of HELLION #4's coloring must be completed by October 5th; lettering has a deadline of October 10th. Full completion of production and pre-press of the book is set for the delivery of printed editions by no later than October 13th. So October will certainly be a challenging month, but Team HELLION member and colorist, James Rodriguez, has already accepted and risen to meet it head-on to help assure a timely Halloween 2016 release.


The developing mystery and suspense comic book project, NIGHTMARIUM [see it here on Patreon]  has been delayed for quite some time. Scripting submitted by writer, Carmen Lopez, remained unedited for far too long. The project had also been one of numerous other works-in-progress that had been rendered inactive in the aftermath of the operational changes here at QEW HQ. Thankfully a decision was then finally made to place NIGHTMARIUM on the official Active To-Do List. A renewed focus now exists on completing any or all the editorial scripting comprising NIGHTMARIUM PART 1 for some measurable progress to finally be attained.


After a potentially fortunate turn of events, QEW Publishing is now very eager to vigorously begin promoting THE BUGS NEXT DOOR [see it here on Patreon] next year at Rose City Comi-Con 2017. There is plenty of preparation to accomplish first before this can happen. 
Narrative & Dialogue scripting has to be done and the right penciling artist, who has the closest compatible illustrative style to the comic, must be brought aboard the creative team to bring the interior story art into fruition. Some significant headway has already been made in pursuit of achieving these goals. A detailed breakdown process for the primary story line has been completed and the first few pages of Visual Plot scripting continues to be a work-in-progress. As far as the Active To-Do List is concerned, this project is currently listed under in the Writing Strata, and no way near the Production Strata, which is already significantly committed. So while this effort will certainly be a challenge, it'll be a challenge that can and will be met.


JD McGowan has been an aspiring writer for most of his adult life. When he was encouraged to try his hand at writing a bit of fiction, JD managed to maintain a consistent productive course long enough to write a few series of short stories of his own. Each story revolved around a mysterious motley family of various were-creatures, whose territorial roots and lineage are connected to ancient woodland region located in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. A fair and candid review of JD's stories deemed them admirably creative and compelling. QEW Publishing has challenged him to produce a total of twenty short stories and he's actually succeeded. Though it's still in the developmental stage, but pretty much under consideration, there's an effort now here at QEW HQ release JD McGowan's collected stories under the single title, THE SECRETS OF OLDEN WOOD. JD himself intends to submit his works for editing as QEW Publishing proudly envisions the publication and release of a perfect bound, trade paperback with JD McGowan bearing the mantle as author.


THE GIFTED  [see it here on Patreon] has been a WIP (Work In-Progress) comic book project archived here at QEW HQ since the year 2000. Production of this 6-part, sword-and-sorcery fantasy had been dormant for years until one day--out of the blue--it was suddenly rekindled. Once things had settled with all the recent and partially disruptive re-organizational changes, THE GIFTED was then placed on the official Active TDL. The biggest bonus gained since then is that artist Gabriel Armenta has rejoined the creative team as the original colorist. And because of such a resurgence in momentum with its production, THE GIFTED may possibly be considered for an early publication. Gabriel has already successfully completed coloring issues 1 and 2, and creator/writer, Chad Dulac has already produced all the penciled interior art comprising issues 1-5; he just needs to finish issue 6. So if this is the case, THE GIFTED could easily become likely to be selected as one of QEW Publishing's 2017 1st Quarter New Releases


For this futuristic, science fiction/action fantasy, production has made some immensely significant progress. Initially, VOID XANADU's stellar progress was abruptly stalled due to the necessary in-house changes here at QEW HQ and the production was placed on hold. In the midst of the lengthy inaction, the creative team had unfortunately lost its awesome colorist, Nicoleta Ionescu. To matters worst, it was discovered that all of the inked story art had somehow become misplaced. Nevertheless, QEW Publishing is currently making an effort to reset VOID XANADU's production and things have begun to turn around to help make this possible again. Issues 1 and 2 have already been fully inked, colored, and prepped for lettering. And thanks to VOID XANADU's inker, Kelli Michelle Andrews, nearly all of the inked interior story art has been recovered. Once a new colorist is able to join the creative team, VOID XANADU's production can then resume the progress towards its completion.


Conceived way back in the year 2000, DARK POWERS, the 6-part, supernatural/suspense mini-series actually predates QEW Publishing's existence. Sadly, however, its production had been undermined by an unfortunate series of circumstances. DARK POWERS [see it here on Patreon] ultimately became buried beneath one too many other production commitments regarding the development of other projects here at QEW HQ.  This burden of too many commitments eventually rendered it inactive for years. However, the fortunate advent of its new colorist, Ibrahim Aydin, has established a new rising dawn of hope for the completion of DARK POWERS' production. Ibrahim has already successfully colored issues 1-2 and is now patiently waiting to resume with coloring issues 3-6. Such a dramatic and favorable turn of events could lead to DARK POWERS being selected as another possible candidate title of QEW Publishing's 2017 1st Quarter New Releases.

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