Wednesday, January 1, 2020



The end of a decade, let alone a single year, does invite time for a humbling session of introspection here at QEW Publishing. Things weren't as productive here in the areas of writing and publication as preferred. Scripting for comics, BLOOD & SILVER, REPO KATZ, P.I. McQUEEN, ARACHNE, and the manuscript composition for the vampire fiction novel, BLOOD ROOT, have all sadly remained unfinished, despite their respectively re-established deadlines. The illustrative production of penciled story art for the HELLION mini-series has stalled drastically. Submissions of art for HELLION #6 for review from its penciling artist, Phillip Hudson, is still pending. So overall, production performance for 2019 could have been much better. The energy and drive to produce must be restored here in the advent of the 2020 new year.


The Active To-Do List continues to be a very effective tool here at QEW Publishing, but the dedication to adhere to the dictates of its production itinerary has unfortunately been waning. This significant deviation  has stifled major progress with production. To recapture that motivation again, QEW Publishing will refocus on regaining and applying the due diligence that's needed. This will require some major sacrifices of time and finances, but it's important to reacquire this footing. Some modest achievements were made in the areas of scripting and publication when the To-Do List was the focal point. QEW Publishing just has to get back to it.


Having a good graphic letterer on the QEW Crew is always a plus for QEW Publishing. Particularly since artist Miguel Caraballo has happily agreed to another year with QEW Publishing. He's already been accredited for lettering several of QEW Publishing's comic book titles. So having him remain to resume applying his lettering skills for 2020 is a good thing. DARK POWERS #2, THE GIFTED #2, HELLION #5 have been tapped as the next comics for lettering phase. Miguel's expressed his eagerness to get started on those right away. Narrative & Dialogue scripting for each of these productions will be ready for submission to him to begin. These comics may be selected for QEW Publishing's line-up of its 2020 1st Quarter New Releases.


From its original inception to its collaborative story development with its late script writer, Jason Sinclair, ANTARES' production had always been a tremendous challenge of a project to complete. But after several bouts of false starts and setbacks with its initial series of would-be artists, who were really never able to fully commit to the fruition of this comic, ANTARES is finally nearing the end of its illustrative production phase. This has been mainly thanks to Dead Robot Studio's Jorge' Mongiovi, who has successfully managed to complete most of ANTARES' interior story art. While it still hasn't been officially decided if ANTARES will be a full-colored or black-and-white comic, the production phases of script editing, lettering, and the pre-release editorial review are certainly the concerns for now. The 2020 new year invites opportunities to achieve new goals. QEW Publishing intends for ANTARES to be published and released next year. Whether it'll ultimately be a colored or black-and white comic will have hopefully been decided by then.


This graphic novella's production had sadly been rendered inactive indefinitely after far too many setbacks. But now that some logistical clearance appears to be forecast on QEW Publishing's Active To-Do List, the wheels for P.I. McQUEEN's illustrative production phase are finally being allowed to turn again. Andrea Errico is the latest QEW Crew member to join this project's respective creative team to illustrate and ink P.I. McQUEEN's interior story art. To lessen the amount of production time, QEW Publishing has reducing its page length from a 56-page to 48-page book. Andrea has already submitted his preliminary main character sketch art for review. His quality of illustration looks very promising. Melissa McQueen, P.I. McQUEEN's collaborative character model for the story's main character, is cautiously optimistic, but has expressed positive affirmations about this latest development.


Of all of QEW Publishing's developing in-house projects, the production of THE BUGS NEXT DOOR has so far been the least inhibited by misfortune. Artist Rowel Roque has consistently provided a stellar performance with his illustration and inking of its story art. He has now managed to complete half the pages comprising the book. THE BUGS NEXT DOOR's page length has also now been reduced from fifty-six to forty-eight pages and total of thirty-one pages of visual plot scripting has already been completed. There are now only a mere seventeen pages of visual plot scripting to compose, which currently require some serious revisions to consider. However, once this has been done, it'll be on to the coloring phase of production.


DARK POWERS #1 and THE GIFTED #1 were the 1st Quarter New Releases of QEW Publishing's comics last year. For the line-up of the 2020 1st Quarter New Releases, comics on the new release roster this time around are BLOOD & SILVER #5, DARK POWERS #2, THE GIFTED #2, and HELLION #5. A bit of remaining scripting, lettering, and editing should enable two or three of these titles to be ready, which means that QEW Crew letterers will be pretty busy. QEW Publishing really wants to contrast its rather lackluster production performance from last year. Getting these new books out again could help reset a healthy rhythm. So some healthy, purposeful budgeting will be paramount.


Marketing is one of the biggest and toughest nut to crack here at QEW Publishing. That's because effective marketing in of itself requires a full-time, all-out effort. Just posting on social media venues like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram alone isn't enough. QEW Publishing is now considering video ads for its comics. There are presently three comics that have  been tapped for advertising for this potential venture. They are ZEVON-7, BLOOD & SILVER, and DIABOLICUSRight now a plan percolating to produce a 35-second to a 1-minute video ad for these comics. Production, of course, will certainly require some significant collaboration and there are already several prospects for helping with video and musical soundtrack development. 



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