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"Serious cutbacks gotta be done!!!"
From creation to production and from production to publication, the struggles that arise in pursuit of each of these goals here within QEW HQ, continue to bombard the efforts and threaten to erode the morale to achieve them. Compounded setbacks with the costs for production and publication have forced major changes here at QEW Publishing. There have been too many projects on the Active To-Do List, which has exceeded budgetary limits and greatly effected new-release deadlines and printing services. New comic books that had been scheduled for new-release dates have already had to have their dates pushed back several times. Meanwhile, any effort to establish a consistent distribution process to retailers has been thoroughly diminished. The resulting domino effect has been a stifling delay upon the crucial phases of production of every other project, which even includes the phase of writing--particularly even with the late publication of this periodical blog, QEW Publishing Quarterly,(and which is assured to be released on time next quarter) However, rather than ultimately become overwhelmed, QEW HQ has taken pivotal measures to salvage its efforts by cutting all of its productions in half and dispensing the rest from the Active To-Do List in order to both save cost, and refocus again on writing. It was a painful choice to make, given QEW Publishing's contending contractual obligations that actually remain active, but it is a choice that was certainly nonetheless necessary.


"Ughhhh! Not again!!!"

After sadly missing all of last year's deadlines and then both 2018 1st and 2nd quarter-end deadlines for new releases, some serious reflection has had to take place here at QEW HQ. The reins of leadership here have had a very loose hand, so it was now high time they were held again more firmly. The cause of these delays was mainly due to the lack of oversight, regarding the lettering process. This combined then with the neglect of carefully calculating lead times with submitting print orders, QEW Publishing has failed twice to release its new comics in a timely manner, so far, this year. A new goal has been established to release BLOOD & SILVER #4, THE GIFTED #1, and DARK POWERS #1 now as 2018 3rd Quarter-End new releases. QEW HQ will reset new deadline productions with artist, Miguel Caraballo, to have the lettering for all three of these books finally done, and there will be earnest attention to coordinating better with print order submissions for them. Failure to reach a goal is a painful thing, but it can help provide insights to reasons why it occurs. It can even help to motivate the tendencies to overcome it and ultimately succeed.


Kelly Young
QEW Publishing is currently producing a screenplay that is intended to become a full-length film. In the QPQ 2017 1st Quarter-End Edition blog, QEW Publishing announced its hopeful, budding collaboration with writer, Kelly Young. Well as of June of 2018, it has finally emerged into fruition and been made official. Kelly is now commissioned to produced QEW Publishing's first original screenplay. The project titled, SHE OF GLORIOUS STINGING, is a horror yarn based upon an in-house treatment of QEW Publishing's that had initially been intended to produce a graphic novel. Kelly Young is the perfect match for this new venture. Not only is he an accredited and imaginative writer, he is the truest avid fan of the horror genre. He'll be more than capable of weaving SHE OF GLORIOUS STINGING into a suspenseful and tantalizing tale that could become produced into a movie imbued with Lovecraftian flare.


"Another new artist...Seriously?"

A series of challenges seems to be the ongoing theme with the production of this project. The primary issue has been an inability to recruit an artist who would commit to completing all the interior pencils and inks required for story art. To this date, P.I. McQUEEN has lost a total of three very talented artists, who have for various reasons chosen not to stay aboard. Quite frankly the one critical factor each of these individuals all had in common was that neither of them had never really begun to produce in the first place. Character model, Melissa McQueen, the muse inspiring the creation of this entire project, has been uncommonly gracious with her exemplary patience with the series of setbacks that have plagued its production. So QEW Publishing isn't giving up on P.I. McQUEEN at all. Although there will be temporary hold on finding another artist until the Visual Plot scripting is totally completed. Once that's done, then efforts will resume to finding a new artist.


Rick Rosenkranz
It's funny how some ideas actually become the catalyst for new, developing projects. One particular idea started out as a shared running joke with author, Rick Rosenkranz. The joke had initially started out about superheroes and trusty sidekicks, but then quickly transitioned to a series of "what-ifs" involving some made-up C-List type superhero characters who possessed skills or powers that were highly impractical with commonality of a what a superhero really is. After sharing this ongoing levity for several years, Rick had finally become compelled enough to began developing a treatment for what has been has jokingly referred to as THE UNUSUALS. Over these several years of joking about them, an interesting and amusing cast of so-called heroes and villains have collectively created. And now thanks to Rick, there's finally a bit of effort being invested to developing an engaging and entertaining story for the comic book genre of comedy. 


Music Producer Jesse Allcott
A thematic musical soundtrack can become every bit as essential to a comic book project as it is to a movie nowadays. A number of exciting opportunities are now available when it comes to cool marketing ideas, thanks so much to the advancement of modern technology. The challenges remain, however, of forming a collaboration with talented musical producers and a videographers. QEW Publishing intends to reach out to singer/musician, Jesse Alcott, a member of Hands of Deliverance, a metal band based in Renton, Washington. 


THE BUGS NEXT DOOR excerpt Panel 4 of Page 11
Great news! The production for THE BUGS NEXT DOOR is still moving forward! After the shake-up from financial setbacks, which were followed by a series of production cutbacks, the particular comic book project was gladly spared removal from QEW Publishing's Active TDL (To-Do List). And now that some sensible budgetary control over production operations has been restored again, a renewed earnestness in finishing up all the interior story art pages is now a priority. Pages 1-18 of fully inked pages have already been completed and artist, Rowel Roque, is more than committed to see that remainder of these pages are produced. 


REPO KATZ #1 Cover art by Hakan Aydin
Serious contentions delay this mini-series, which should have been completed years ago. The visual plot scripting for it has been lagging for far too long and despite all the stellar amount of story art he's produced for it, the commitment of Hakan Aydin, the project's penciling artist, has begun to waver. However, with only twenty-five pages of story art remaining to be produced, Hakan has expressed assurances that he will complete his task. So there a new earnestness to complete all the VP scripting will be now be applied.

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