Sunday, December 31, 2017



To keep in touch better with its QEW Crew, QEW Publishing has recently enacted a new policy of bi-weekly communications. This policy is mainly for those commissioned artists currently producing projects on the Active To-Do List. All of them have responded in kind and report how they're each still focused on their respective tasks. Progress is gradually being achieved. Bi-weekly communications becoming the new standard is a very important decision. Maintaining such frequent contact is an obvious good objective that could also help strengthen the QEW Crew's cohesion, and contribute greatly to the encouragement to meeting crucial deadlines.


Efforts to meeting the standard of releasing new comic books on the first quarter of every new year have sadly been slacking. QEW Publishing had failed to meet its March 31, 2017 release date. This was mostly due to a major reduction of available production funds compounded by some personal in-house hardships within QEW HQ. However, there's a renewed ambition to release three new comics by March 31, 2018. BLOOD & SILVER #4, THE GIFTED #1, and DARK POWERS #1 are the three comics that have been selected. Each of these comics will initially be published as e-comic editions while their printed edition versions would be made available later.


Page 2 Inked Story Art by Esther Short
QEW Publishing couldn't be any more pleased and happier with the production of this latest developing werewolf comic! Its young and newest QEW Crew member, Esther Short, has been doing a wonderful job with her first penciling/inking commission on BEAUTIFUL BEAST. The production is for a 56-page graphic novella. Esther's recent submissions of her completion for pages 1 and 2 of interior story art indicates that she's committed to plying the highest level of her talent to this project. BEAUTIFUL BEAST has had several setbacks that have stalled its production in the past. The project even once had a live character model collaborating as the main character before she chose to leave it, and the difficulty of locating a replacement artist had delayed it even further. Esther's involvement now could thankfully make all the difference.


Initial Concept Cover Art by Peter White
It was way back in 2006 when this original, 6-part comic saga about a lone vampire had first been conceived and developed. Peter White had been the artist who had signed on to produce all strata of the art that would have comprised it. Overtime, though, challenges to his interest in it and his adherence to the project had gradually begun to fade, and then he began to pursue other artistic pursuits. 1,000-YEAR NIGHT would not see any further serious attempt at its production for ten years. But then right around the Thanksgiving holiday season of this year, Peter reaches out to QEW HQ. Now the owner of his own established enterprise, Studio Whiterock, Peter had expressed some sincere interest in reconnecting for a possible collaboration on a comic project. The idea of resuming production on 1,000-YEAR NIGHT was suggested. So if all goes as expected and agreed upon, the production could possibly resume by May 2018.


P.I. McQUEEN Character Model, Melissa McQueen
No doubt that losing two talented artists in relatively rapid succession has set this project's production back dramatically. After that had occurred, it was decided P.I. McQUEEN's production would have to be temporarily assigned to an inactive status. Operational funding was already limited and strained. QEW Publishing's Active To-Do List was also slightly expanded beyond its strictly recommended capacity of listed active projects. But being determined to see this graphic novella into fruition, an ad post to Digital Webbing was decided. After well over a dozen reviews of applicant submissions, Antonio Goulart has now signed on P.I. McQUEEN's new penciler/inker. So now there is hope to make-up for the shortcomings that have impacted this project's production. 


QEW Publishing has elected to reach out to comic book publisher, Action Lab Entertainment to inquire about submissions. QEW Publishing is indeed first and foremost focused upon producing and publishing comics under its own imprint with its numerous developing intellectual properties, and over a dozen, or more comics being actively produced. However, as a huge supporter of the collaborative expansion of networking, such a venture could help serve to strengthen rapport for the future. So now there's a plan to select three of QEW Publishing's IPs, develop them, and submit them to Action Lab. Of course, there is the possibility of rejection. There are no guarantees in the publishing business, but neither are there rewards without some expected risks.


Emerald Comics Distro is an independent, Seattle-based comics distributor that is owned and managed by Anne Bean. QEW Publishing received a cordial and engaging response from her after initially contacting her during the hubbub of the approaching Christmas holiday. Anne presents a comprehensive three-phase plan to grow her distributorship from the Pacific Northwest to eventually nationwide. QEW Publishing has submitted its comic titles, ZEVON7, CODY COYOTE, and DIABOLICUS to Anne to review for her consideration to distribute them. G. Scott Tomlin, the owner of Comics Dungeon in Seattle, Washington, was who referred Emerald Comics Distro during QEW Publishing's exhibition at this year's Bellingham Comicon event in Ferndale, Washington. With Diamond Distributors, Inc.being one of the biggest obstacles for small press indie publishers to attain effective distribution, and with the financially draining efforts of the Retailers Round-Up campaign, a prospective alternative offering an efficient option would be most welcomed and appreciated.


Less conventions than when previously established
2017 was a year for attending and exhibiting at fewer comic conventions. When it was first established, QEW Publishing had always intended to exhibit at as many shows as financially possible. The shows have always been a wonderful venue for showcasing and selling its comics. These events have provided numerous opportunities to interact with comic industry colleagues, connect with fans and new admirers, and also be a great source for collaborative networking. QEW Publishing only attended three conventions this year: Lilac City Comicon in Spokane, Washington, Rose City Comicon in Portland, Oregon, and Bellingham Comicon in Ferndale, Washington. The lack of financial resources is naturally the most crucial factor. Revenue streaming is sadly nil from both retail and wholesale sales. But there's no capitulation to these circumstances for lacking show attendance. QEW Publishing will continue to make every effort it can to attend these events when it can and where ever it can. 



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