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Sunday, October 28, 2012 was the last time this blog was updated. During all that time in between since then, there’s been a number of pivotal events here at QEW Publishing that should’ve been shared, but weren’t. Now some of these recent past events and news flashes were avidly mentioned and posted about on QEW Publishing’s Official Facebook and Facebook Open Group pages, and even its own Twitter account, but it’s not the same as a periodic blog. So here’s another new attempt to rectify this shortcoming by exercising a substantive amount of discipline here at QEW HQ to dispense with this medium on a more focused and timely basis via QEW Publishing Quarterly. Following below is a careful summation of all of QEW Publishing’s in-house latest developments, successes, and setbacks that have occurred since the last posting of this blog.

--Quenton Shaw, Chief Editor


Progress on this special project has been terribly slow, but it continues to ensue. This is a novel that is an adaptation of an original premise created by Moya Jackie, who has officially commissioned QEW Publishing to extrapolate upon in order to produce. BLOOD ROOT is the first of four novels, comprising a vampire fiction quadrilogy series. Its length is currently projected to compose a total of twenty chapters. Chapters 1-9 have already been successfully completed.


Abi Selvidge plying make-up to Maria Cedar
Saturday, August 23, 2014 was the date of the final photo shoot session for the BLOOD ROOT Quadrilogy project. The purpose of this shoot was to acquire book cover art for the third and fourth novels in the series. Character models Jessica BrackenSteven Selvidge, and QEW Publishing’s special guest, glamour and fitness model, Maria Cedar, happily went through their make-up applications aptly by Abi Selvidege, who happily contributed her time and knowledge. Maria Cedar looked fantastic in the costume dress produced by dressmaker, Synita Luckey-Bergesen. Steven brought the appropriate props produced for the shoot and some others that helped with some shots. Each of the models then provided their stellar presences for photographer, Bobby Dee Grant, who had meticulously and expertly converted our selected venue into a suitable studio, which enabled him to produce numerous images for QEW Publishing to choose from. The cover shoot was held at the Teamore CafĂ© in Federal Way, Washington.


Page 1 Inked YO-YO #1
 Again, after so many false starts and failures to actually get the production of this original 4-part superhero mini-series effectively underway, there has finally been a significant modicum of success. This is all thanks to its newest creative team of artists, penciling illustrator Chandra Purnamakelly Hatasus and inker Kelli Michelle Andrews (inker of VOID XANADU), who have completed all the pencils and inks for YO-YO #1.


Page 4 Colored EAT & RUN 

After having Nick Olivo complete and submit every penciled story art page for this 75-page graphic horror novel, the majority of the inking and coloring remains to be completed. On the inking front, there’s been a successful completion of inking for pages 1-24, which lays the groundwork for the production of EAT & RUN #0, a special introductory and promotion edition of the graphic novel version, and where new colorist, Amanda Todd of Panduh Ink, is currently plying her dynamic coloring talents.


Pencils for this 3-part, crime/action comic has been completed by Rick Marcks. Inking for Parts 1 & 2 have been completed Steve Sprayson, who is currently wrapping up the remaining penciled art pages for Part 3. Veteran colorist, Natalya Golubkova, who was also the colorist for the 4-part mystery fantasy mini-series, DIABOLICUS, has been tapped as the prospective colorist to consider joining this creative team. Settlement of her agreement contract is currently pending.


KRISTARELLA#1 of this zany 3-part, science fiction fantasy, mini-series about a daring interstellar adventurer, which features character model Kristen Jensen, has been published and released. KRISTARELLA #2 & #3 are tapped for their release in the month of October for their showcasing debut at Bellingham Comicon 2014 in Ferndale, Washington.


Penciler and inker, Kyle Shold, did a fantastic job on QEW Publishing’s first and only free and interactive web comic series, ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO, and his handiwork is finally now available in printed editions of ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO #1, which were debuted this year at Emerald City Comi-Con, and later showcased at the Crypticon Seattle. And even though Kyle has now long since parted ways with this project, ZMZ’s new penciling artist, Narayan Baidya has signed on to resume its productive momentum as he’s about wrap up completion of pages 1-8, which will comprise ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO #2.1. This is the very first installment of the newest web comic segment, which should available in later October of this year. So, to all of you Zombiephiles out there, be on the look out!


HELLION #2 Cover
Printed and e-comic editions of HELLION #1 & #2 are now currently available. HELLION’s creator-owner, Jim Savard, continues to effectively promote and market his horror comic mini-series to stores in his native Rhode Island. Even his Facebook promotion page now has well over 2,200 “Likes.” This year HELLION made its showcasing debut at the major comic convention, Boston Comi-Con 2014 and inspired the creation and production of a song titled, Ghost in the Mist, which is performed by Impending Reflections. Penciling artist, Phillip Hudson, continues with progress having completed all story art for HELLION #3 and pages 1-7 for HELLION #4. Jeff Standish continues with his inking of this series. New colorist, Lindsey Moore, is currently working very closely with Jim Savard, replacing former colorists, Dustin Pageloff and Joe Medieros, who have left the creative team.


MAGISPHERE Page 18 Penciled

Penciling illustrator, Narayan Baidya, has successfully completed pages 1-20 of this 50-page, 1-shot, action fantasy yarn with plenty of highly impressive results. There is still more script pages that need production and revisions, but it appears that can soon be completed. Holli Richey, the muse modeled as the main character featured in MAGISPHERE, is very excited about the progress that has been accomplished. She is looking forward to its completion in its entirety.


STRUCK #1 Page 8 Penciled
Terrible decisions with prioritization have resulted in numerous setbacks with this comic mini-series ultimate completion. But some new decisions will be made to rectify this predicament. STRUCK’s penciling illustrator, Harrison Wood, has signaled that he’s still committed to wrap-up penciling for it. This is really the crux of the matter for steering it towards completion. Alicia Groom still remains the character model who is the muse for STRUCK’s main character.


REPO KATZ Page 4 Pencils
After nearly seven long years of contending with compounding delays and setbacks, production and progress of this 4-part, action mini-series is finally underway. Thanks to penciling artist, Hakan Aydin, pages 1-10 REPO KATZ #1 have been completed with impressive results. REPO KATZ’s featured main characters are character models Svetlana & Tatyana.


QEW Publishing is scheduled to attend the last remaining comic book conventions of 2014. They are Rose City Comi-Con on September 20th and 21st, Bellingham Comicon, on October 18th, and Jet City Comic Show on November 8th

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