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Comics and graphic novels at Hills of Comics in Auburn, WA
After years of failed starts, sudden stops, abandonment and returning again and again, QEW Publishing's marketing/sales program dubbed, Retailers Round-Up has finally been successfully implemented. The long, back-and-forth delays were mainly due to the challenges of having limited storage capacity for printed works and a reluctance to engage prospective retailers directly with hard-sell styled, cold calling tactics. The Retailers Round-Up program has instead been revised to a 2-year plan with a focus on marketing and sales of QEW Publishing's comics and graphic novels. For the first year, selected retailers will be provided an initial, complimentary portion of marketing stock to help establish a branding bedrock needed for QEW Publishing among retailers. The following second year will emphasize cultivating these retailers to register with QEW Publishing as consistent wholesale buyers. The success of Retailers Round-Up so far is evident among the following comic book retailers here in the state of Washington where QEW Publishing is based: Hills of Comics in Auburn, Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics in Lacey, and Danger Room in Olympia.


"Dang it! Missed it again!"
Sadly, some major setbacks have occurred with QEW Publishing's efforts releasing two new publications annually after the first quarter of every new year. After last first quarterly release deadline was missed, the QPQ (QEW Publishing Quarterly) blog here had reported that the deadline had been pushed to the end of the 2017 2nd Quarter. Unfortunately, the lettering process for both BLOOD & SILVER #4 and THE GIFTED #1 have hit something of a production snag, leaving them still unprepared for a timely 2017 2nd Quarter release date. So once again, the deadline is push forward, and this time, to the end of the 2017 3rd Quarter. This will allow for time for the lettering and editing to get done and for pre-press specs to be met for printing before September 30, 2017.


Despite a brief hiatus away from the comic convention circuit during most of last year, QEW Publishing took to it again like a fish to water at the 2-day event, Lilac City Comicon 2017. QEW Publishing is now preparing for the 3-day Rose City Comicon 2017 in Portland, Oregon, scheduled September 8-10th. The replenishment of showcase stock and budgeting for travel and lodging must be achieved first. The developing graphic horror novel, THE BUGS NEXT DOOR, is intended to be spotlighted there. Pages of its interior story art will be there on display as well as QEW Publishing's special guest, Maria Cedar, the character model cast as the comic's main character. All of these goals are expected to be accomplished by the end of August.


Narayan Baidya
ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO #1 was published and released seven years ago and then its production had gradually become stalled indefinitely. ZMZ #1's artist, Kyle Shold, had been only committed to finishing the production to the first issue, and the Go Fund Me campaign established for it never has reached its goal for funding production for issues 2-12. Thankfully, Narayan Baidya has happily elected to join the ZMZ creative team as its new penciling artist. Although currently working on the fantasy graphic novel, MAGISPHERE, Narayan had expressed a keen and sincere interest in this zombie-themed project, and is set to proceed with ZMZ as soon as he's done. So it appears that ZMZ creators, Isaiah Jenson and Quenton Shaw, will be going over previous story plot notes to resume scripting for this ambitious mini-series.


The production of this particular project was almost jeopardized. Juan Manual Hernandez had started out with some promising potential as THE BUG NEXT DOOR's penciling artist, but had quickly run into some unfortunate personal issues before becoming semi-incommunicado. So collaborations with him had to be ended to replace him with Rowel Roque. Roque had been been an applicant to QEW Publishing as a prospective penciling illustrator back in July 2015. Ever since signing on board to the QEW Crew, he's been refreshingly productive, having already completed and submitted pages 1-3 of penciled and inked story art with pages 4-6 also very soon afterwards! At his current pace, Rowel should be able to have produced plenty of more compelling story art to showcase at the upcoming Rose City Comicon 2017 in Portland, Oregon.


HELLION Issues 1-4
The continued production of Jim Savard's creator-owned horror mini-series, HELLION, has been one QEW Publishing's most stellar achievements. The project has had its fair share of setbacks mainly revolving around Team Hellion, the comic's creative team. There had been the earlier replacement of a few colorists and most recently the replacement of its long-time inker. Despite all of these pitfalls here and there, HELLION issues 1-4 have still managed to be published and released. Penciling artist, Phillip Q. Hudson, maintains his due diligence, producing and delivering pages of story art to QEW HQ. New inking artist, Bernard Lee, who has timely signed aboard Team Hellion to ply his much needed skills to HELLION #5, which should be completed by July 30th.


Since mentioning this comic project in the previous QPQ blog edition, MASTER 2 MASTER's production has amazingly taken off like wild fire. Initially conceived as part of QEW Publishing's ambition to create and produce three comics with themes steeped in the genre of martial arts, MASTER 2 MASTER's premise had stoked the interest of veteran artist, Mick Nave, who has eagerly wanted to collaborate with QEW Publishing for years. After happily hopping aboard the QEW Crew, Mick has already managed to produce 1-4 pages of fantastic penciled and inked story art! Even though this project's story is still in its earliest developmental phase, there is confidence progress with its production will continue to ensue. Mick has expressed a sincere commitment to see MASTER 2 MASTER to its ultimate fruition even while its story remains in the midst of its composition. A tentative deadline for completion by December 2018 is currently in play.


James Anthony Little
In the spirit of creating a new black male lead character as a cinematic homage to John Shaft (SHAFT), Andre Shame (A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME), and Jericho Jackson (ACTION JACKSON), QEW Publishing will begin developing works to produce a new graphic novel, SPIRO JONES. It will feature an erstwhile US Army soldier and police officer-turned private detective, whose personal life as a seasoned investigator is also faceted by his lifestyle as a partial owner of a lucrative pawn shop, the lead singer of R&B Funk band, and a music producer. James Anthony Little is the inspiration for the character and is the chosen character model as the basis for Spiro Jones. Though not a former police officer or a detective himself, Little is actually still somewhat like the character. He, too, is a US military veteran, the lead singer of a band, and even a music producer as well. Little is also an avid fan of comics. Such is his enthusiasm about being the inspiring figure for Spiro Jones, he has composed and produced a raw and untitled, but engaging musical score that is rhythmically fitting as a theme for this developing project. The score itself can be listened to via this "jazz hop" link here .


REPO KATZ Penciled Cover Art
Despite the multitudes of delays and setbacks since its inception, the production for this 4-part, action-adventure mini-series, REPO KATZ, has miraculously continued to proceed forward. This is mainly due to a couple of consistent feats of achievement. The scripts continue to be produced and Hakan Aydin maintains his efforts with producing and submitting penciled story art for the project. Inking for REPO KATZ can actually began right away, but there's a technical delay regarding acquiring an inker first. Then there's the matter of QEW Publishing's official Active TDL (To-Do List) allowing for the inking process to be implemented. REPO KATZ features the collaborative character models, Svetlana and Tatyana, and though it was initially intended to be ultimately released as 4-part mini-series, it will now be published and released as a full-length graphic novel instead.


Friday, March 31, 2017



Page 2 of THE GIFTED #1
It's the annual Crunch Time getting new releases ready here at QEW HQ! Trying to get the selected 2017 1st Quarter new comic book picks completed and finished for publication is challenge every year! The art for the selected books, BLOOD & SILVER #4 and THE GIFTED #1, is completely done, but both books still need to be lettered. Since QEW Publishing's previous letterer, Kuen Tang, had been away on a personal hiatus, pending some logistical issues that have yet to be resolved before commissioning her again on other projects. Thankfully new artist and letterer, Miguel Caraballo, has recently been recruited and signed on to join the QEW Crew in timely manner. He's currently lettering BLOOD & SILVER #4, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, however, neither of the books won't be ready on time for the annual release date of March 31st. So it's been decided the 2017 1st Quarter New Releases will be pushed to 2017 2nd Quarter New Releases, scheduled for June 30th. This is indeed a dramatic break in accordance to tradition here QEW Publishing. It's also is a clear indicator how Crunch Time should begin much earlier next year.


There's been lots of angst consisting of head-hammering and hair-pulling here about QEW Publishing's Patreon campaign. To this date, since it's official launch, QEW Publishing only has had one precious Patron gracing its on-going campaign with a monthly pledge (thank you, Jerica Wilson, for your grace). Certainly more pledges are needed. The current campaign status is mostly due to paltry efforts to promote it effectively. QEW Publishing's art director and pre-press publishing producer, Thom Fuegel, has agreed to help resolve this matter. He, too, also strongly believes in the potential benefits Patreon could provide meaningful financial support. There's no doubt QEW Publishing produces indie comics of good quality, some of which, that are now currently available. There are many more comics to create and produce. But acquiring more Patrons to pledge their monthly support could help accomplish the ultimate goal of boosting the production of them all. 


Author JD McGowan has decided to part ways with QEW Publishing. Originally submitting his collection of short stories for consideration for publication and release under the QEW Publishing imprint, JD had been encouraged to write a series of more short stories. The idea had been for him to produce an anthology that would comprise a world he was building. Each tale was based on his own concept about a long-standing family of shapeshifters living and protecting their ancient wooded territory in the Pacific Northwest. JD had successfully managed to complete a total of eighteen short stories with his efforts. QEW Publishing had intended to release them as collective works under the title, THE SECRET OF OLDEN WOODS. However, due to the strict adherence QEW Publishing's Active To-Do List, the machinations of the editorial and prepress production process, it was essentially delayed. JD was not inclined to wait around for an administrative and logistical logjam to clear. So he elected to move on, which is not an entirely bad choice on his part. QEW Publishing is pleasantly supportive of JD's decision. THE SECRET OF OLDEN WOODS is currently available now on Amazon at this active link here: THE SECRET OF OLDEN WOODS link


Maria Cedar
Character model, Maria Cedar, is very pleased with the recent progress report on the developing graphic horror novella, THE BUGS NEXT DOOR. The project's new illustrative artist, Juan Manual Hernandez, had suffered an unfortunate series of setbacks attained as the result of an accident he was involved in, but he has expressed encouraging reassurances to QEW HQ that he remains committed to seeing this production through to its completion. His last report was that he was now plying visual details to page 1, described according to the scripting as a nice, debut splash shot of Maria's featured character. Juan is currently working from a Visual Plot script that only comprises, for now, pages 1-6. The objective here is to have these and hopefully more story art pages completed and ready for showcasing at Rose City Comicon 2017 in Portland, Oregon, where Maria happily will be there as QEW Publishing guest and QEW Gal to promote THE BUGS NEXT DOOR.


QEW Publishing is happy to report that the vampire fiction manuscript for BLOOD ROOT is closer to completion. The rough draft is currently only a little over nine thousand words short of reaching actual novel status, and there only a five or six remaining chapters left to compose. Co-creator Moya Jackie, whose original premise is the basis for this entire project, has happily expressed how pleased and elated she is about this significant level of progress. Her approval of rough Chapters 16-19 has helped to reassure the manuscript's ultimate fruition. So despite the competing interests and rivaling deadlines, draft noting for the remaining chapters will resume. To this date, the BLOOD ROOT rough draft has missed all of its deadline for being wrapped up. While there is extreme reluctance to establish a new deadline, there's plenty of confidence here at QEW Publishing the manuscript will indeed be finished. And then the real writing will finally begin.


Kelly Young
Since its inception, QEW Publishing has had the privilege of working with some very talented commissioned writers. Commissioning writers is a rare action taken here at QEW HQ. It's a difficult and challenging experience trying to locate and recruit a writer, who actually possesses an intrinsic talent at storytelling. Kelly Young is the type of prospective, imaginative, and gifted writer QEW Publishing is hoping to settle with on a possible collaboration. Kelly is an avid HP Lovecraft fan, the executive editor of horror-based, STRANGE AEONS MAGAZINE, a producer of short stories, and an aspiring screenwriter. QEW Publishing easily deems him the quintessential prospect for petitioning to commission. Kelly has been tapped as the prospective writer for a developing horror project, SHE OF GLORIOUS STINGS. He has gladly expressed his admiration for the project's premise and has even suggested some minor alterations. The drafting of a new agreement terms have been completed, but going forward is currently being delayed by QEW HQ's internal accounting and logistical machinations. This is also compounded by Kelly's personal schedule and impending work load. However, as soon as an alignment of timing fall favorably into place, there is the chance that SHE OF GLORIOUS STINGS will undergo full production.


QEW Publishing hasn't exhibited fully along the comic convention circuit since the Jet City Comic Show of 2016 in Tacoma, Washington. Ever since the decision was made to pass indefinitely on attending Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington, QEW Publishing has focused its efforts to make preparations to exhibit at other local conventions instead. Central City Comicon and Wen-Con are new, Washington state-based local conventions that have joyously emerged to help fill the void of more comic-book centric events that haven't been overshadowed by Hollywood. Lilac City Comicon (formerly the Spokane Comicon event) will be the first show QEW Publishing will attend for 2017. Formerly a 1-day event, Lilac City Comicon founder and chief executive, Nathan O'Brian, has now expanded it to a 2-day event. This offers to vendors, exhibitors, and convention attendees an extra full day. It also grants QEW Publishing a great opportunity to showcase its 2017 2nd Quarter New Releases. Character model of horror graphic novel, EAT & RUN, and veteran QEW Gal volunteer, Sarah Williams, will happily also be in attendance, hoping to garner support for further production of EAT & RUN. 


British Actor Matthew Lewis
Back in May of 2016, a Linked In post had been published titled, Fan Fiction Could Be Great Exercise To Writing Creatively Again. QEW Publishing put the title of this post's theory to the test and has discovered the truth of this proclaimation. A body of JK Rowling-inspired fan fiction titled LONGBOTTOM is currently being composed as a result.  This particular story is set twenty-five years later following the events described in Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and is centrally focused on the Wizarding World's unsung heroic character, Neville Longbottom, who was portrayed by actor Matthew Lewis in the film adaptations of the novel series. Neville is now a noted veteran of the Second Wizarding War and a seasoned Auror in his early forties. He and his young new partner, Darius Flint, investigate and pursue a ruthless, wizarding crime ring of grave robbers, who are seeking to unearth an ancient artifact of terrible, necromantic power. As the Linked In post had claimed, LONGBOTTOM had initially started out as an exercise to help overcome stifling bouts of writer's block. But it has since then expanded into a potential full-length novel of fan fiction that's been a treat to write. Even members of QEW Publishing's exclusive cadre, the Beta Readers Group, have expressed their collective kudos for what's been produced so far. An active link to the latest rough draft is provided here for reading at: LONGBOTTOM--Draft 10E


Monday, January 2, 2017



Jason Sinclair
The world, the indie comics industry, friends, and a loving family suffered a tragic loss this year with the death of Jason Sinclair. Jason had been terminally ill for quite some time, struggling against deteriorating health from a congenital cardiac condition. He passed away on the morning of Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 11:00 am in the city of Kirkland, Washington. He is survived by his wife, Misty Thomas and their two children. Among his many passionate pursuits of interest, Jason was a writer and an aspiring author. He signed on with QEW Publishing in 2009 and produced the scripting for the graphic, science fiction, horror novel, ANTARES, which is currently in production now by Emilio Jorge’ Mongiovi of Dead Robot Studio. Despite the challenges imposed upon him during his life, Jason did manage to leave behind one definitive marker within the comics industry that will be accredited to him. While QEW Publishing pledges to usher ANTARES into full fruition on his behalf, he'll be truly be missed, nonetheless. Jason’s final thoughts, which were recorded by dictation, are posted on Facebook via this active link here: Jason’s Final Words link


After a purposeful sitting out of last year's event, QEW Publishing ironically is now hoping to attend Crypticon-Seattle 2017. A few major setbacks have been interceding in the efforts to effectively budget and properly achieve this goal. An unfortunate expenditure in transportation, which had been drastically necessary at the time, significantly diminished any opportunity for procuring a reservation in a timely manner. Thankfully, despite these shortcomings, there still may be a chance to do so. Crypticon-Seattle's owners, Troy and Mickie, have shown uncommon graciousness with late-comers in the past, and with the show still being all of five months away, there's no intention at all to miss any opportunity to have QEW Publishing returning there next year.


Ever since the publication and release of its first printed edition, the ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO limited series has unfortunately been stalled. Creators, Quenton Shaw (QEW Publishing) and Isaiah Jenson (Dark One's Closet), though, have expressed efforts to reset ZMZ's production and shove it forward again. The special Go Fund Me campaign  that had been established for it has garnered a meager sum of funding, but hasn't been as fruitful as hoped for. But now a new opportunity has suddenly risen upon the horizon. A new artist, Narayan Baidya, has expressed his interest in illustrating the series.  Although he's currently committed to penciling interior story art for the graphic fantasy novel, MAGISPHERE, he's maintained that he's willing to sign on again to join the ZMZ creative team after he's done, which adds a new dynamic for setting renewed goals to resume the series' production by June 2017.


Excerpt from THE GIFTED #2

QEW Publishing has happily selected BLOOD & SILVER #4 and THE GIFTED #1 as its 2017 1st Quarter New Releases. BLOOD & SILVER #4 is the fourth issue of the limited, 6-part werewolf mini-series. THE GIFTED #1 is the actual first issue of a long-awaited production of an original, action-fantasy mini-series created and written by artist, Chad Dulac. The current production status of both of these particular comic books are as follows: Art and scripting is already done for THE GIFTED #1. The art for BLOOD & SILVER #4 is done; the scripting for it is nearing completion. QEW Publishing intends to have both of these book ready for print to showcase for their scheduled release by the end of March 2017.


Etsy logo
Initially, there was lots of enthusiasm here at QEW HQ after QEW Emporium had been conceived. It had been envisioned the Etsy-based, online commercial venue would be able to make a variety of other published works from other creators available there while providing an alternative revenue stream. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an appropriate quantity of these other published items acquired as needed in order to officially launch it. Gladly, there has been some positive feedback from other publishers and creators that have been solicited. QEW Publishing will be making a renewed earnest effort to make QEW Emporium a viable venue by next year. There is now a challenging new deadline to have it ready for launch by March 2017.


QEW Publishing Official Flyer

After some painful indecisions about whether or not to begin seriously implementing the Retailers Round-Up operation, QEW Publishing has once again chosen to move forward again with carrying it out. Retailers Round-Up is the name given to the dual project. The first involves QEW Publishing's old-fashioned, cold-calling efforts of actively soliciting all available printed edition comics directly to local and out-of-state comic book stores. The second purpose has been to establish a sustainable QEW marketing and distribution system. However, despite the hesitancy here, the wholesale and retail pricing have already been revised to reflect projected increases in production costs for next year. Cover prices for single printed editions will be raised from $3.99 to $4.99 and TPB (trade paperback) printed books from $15.99 to $17.99. None of these price increases will be enacted officially by no later than January 1, 2017.


Stock Photo
Whirling around within the dynamic Creative Centrifuge here at QEW HQ are several comic book projects that will purposefully revolve around the exciting and iconic world of martial arts. One of these newly planted seeds is an idea for an action-packed, graphic novella, MASTER 2 MASTER. It's the story of two martial art masters from two different worlds who must set aside their differences in order to help a mutual friend against a mutual enemy. MASTER 2 MASTER is no where near prepared yet for even being posted officially on QEW Publishing's Active To-Do List, and although it's only just a mere concept at this time, the story breakdown process and scripting must all be completed first. However, there will most certainly be an effort to begin ushering MASTER 2 MASTER into fruition.


After a less than stellar performance since its launching, the Patreon campaign has still managed to achieve a bit of progress. QEW Publishing's Patreon account page has undergone some refinement as more content has been posted on there. These are more postings about other developing comic projects needing funding for production support. The fund-raising efforts, meager as they have been, have so far accrued a little over one hundred dollars (USD). This is indicative that there's plenty of potential for enough money that can be raised to help QEW Publishing actually reach its goals set on Patreon. The emphasis here now at QEW HQ will be focusing on further proliferating the Patreon campaign. So it goes without saying that more Patrons are still needed, and if you're so inclined , feel free to become one and contribute your pledge there via this active link here: QEW Publshing on Patreon link


Friday, September 30, 2016



For the time being, QEW Publishing has decided that it will forego exhibiting at Emerald City Comi-Con. That event is sadly no longer a feasible venue for showcasing. Under ECCC's new management, ReedPOP, the convention seems to now be implementing a particular new criterion for applying exhibitors. QEW Publishing was denied reservation exhibit space for ECCC 2016, and now again for its 2017 scheduled event. However, despite this bittersweet parting of ways, QEW Publishing has elected to direct its resources towards attending other local convention venues here in the state of Washington. The horror convention Crypticon Seattle, in Seatac, Lilac City Comicon in Spokane, Rose City Comi-Con in Portland, Oregon, Bellingham Comicon in Ferndale, and Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma all remain accessible and fitting venues for QEW Publishing. Four of these events have already been settled to attend around  the end of this year and the beginning of next year. ECCC's growth and success will continue to be applauded and edified here at QEW HQ, so all should be well and good and balanced for the future of the convention-exhibiting home front.


When HELLION creator/writer, Jim Savard, submitted a proposal that HELLION #4 should be released on Halloween 2016, a plan was immediately drafted to help make it a possibility. The story art for the fourth issue has already been fully penciled and inked. All the coloring and lettering just needs to be completed. To achieve this production feat, a series of pretty tight deadlines have been imposed during the month of October. All of HELLION #4's coloring must be completed by October 5th; lettering has a deadline of October 10th. Full completion of production and pre-press of the book is set for the delivery of printed editions by no later than October 13th. So October will certainly be a challenging month, but Team HELLION member and colorist, James Rodriguez, has already accepted and risen to meet it head-on to help assure a timely Halloween 2016 release.


The developing mystery and suspense comic book project, NIGHTMARIUM [see it here on Patreon]  has been delayed for quite some time. Scripting submitted by writer, Carmen Lopez, remained unedited for far too long. The project had also been one of numerous other works-in-progress that had been rendered inactive in the aftermath of the operational changes here at QEW HQ. Thankfully a decision was then finally made to place NIGHTMARIUM on the official Active To-Do List. A renewed focus now exists on completing any or all the editorial scripting comprising NIGHTMARIUM PART 1 for some measurable progress to finally be attained.


After a potentially fortunate turn of events, QEW Publishing is now very eager to vigorously begin promoting THE BUGS NEXT DOOR [see it here on Patreon] next year at Rose City Comi-Con 2017. There is plenty of preparation to accomplish first before this can happen. 
Narrative & Dialogue scripting has to be done and the right penciling artist, who has the closest compatible illustrative style to the comic, must be brought aboard the creative team to bring the interior story art into fruition. Some significant headway has already been made in pursuit of achieving these goals. A detailed breakdown process for the primary story line has been completed and the first few pages of Visual Plot scripting continues to be a work-in-progress. As far as the Active To-Do List is concerned, this project is currently listed under in the Writing Strata, and no way near the Production Strata, which is already significantly committed. So while this effort will certainly be a challenge, it'll be a challenge that can and will be met.


JD McGowan has been an aspiring writer for most of his adult life. When he was encouraged to try his hand at writing a bit of fiction, JD managed to maintain a consistent productive course long enough to write a few series of short stories of his own. Each story revolved around a mysterious motley family of various were-creatures, whose territorial roots and lineage are connected to ancient woodland region located in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. A fair and candid review of JD's stories deemed them admirably creative and compelling. QEW Publishing has challenged him to produce a total of twenty short stories and he's actually succeeded. Though it's still in the developmental stage, but pretty much under consideration, there's an effort now here at QEW HQ release JD McGowan's collected stories under the single title, THE SECRETS OF OLDEN WOOD. JD himself intends to submit his works for editing as QEW Publishing proudly envisions the publication and release of a perfect bound, trade paperback with JD McGowan bearing the mantle as author.


THE GIFTED  [see it here on Patreon] has been a WIP (Work In-Progress) comic book project archived here at QEW HQ since the year 2000. Production of this 6-part, sword-and-sorcery fantasy had been dormant for years until one day--out of the blue--it was suddenly rekindled. Once things had settled with all the recent and partially disruptive re-organizational changes, THE GIFTED was then placed on the official Active TDL. The biggest bonus gained since then is that artist Gabriel Armenta has rejoined the creative team as the original colorist. And because of such a resurgence in momentum with its production, THE GIFTED may possibly be considered for an early publication. Gabriel has already successfully completed coloring issues 1 and 2, and creator/writer, Chad Dulac has already produced all the penciled interior art comprising issues 1-5; he just needs to finish issue 6. So if this is the case, THE GIFTED could easily become likely to be selected as one of QEW Publishing's 2017 1st Quarter New Releases


For this futuristic, science fiction/action fantasy, production has made some immensely significant progress. Initially, VOID XANADU's stellar progress was abruptly stalled due to the necessary in-house changes here at QEW HQ and the production was placed on hold. In the midst of the lengthy inaction, the creative team had unfortunately lost its awesome colorist, Nicoleta Ionescu. To matters worst, it was discovered that all of the inked story art had somehow become misplaced. Nevertheless, QEW Publishing is currently making an effort to reset VOID XANADU's production and things have begun to turn around to help make this possible again. Issues 1 and 2 have already been fully inked, colored, and prepped for lettering. And thanks to VOID XANADU's inker, Kelli Michelle Andrews, nearly all of the inked interior story art has been recovered. Once a new colorist is able to join the creative team, VOID XANADU's production can then resume the progress towards its completion.


Conceived way back in the year 2000, DARK POWERS, the 6-part, supernatural/suspense mini-series actually predates QEW Publishing's existence. Sadly, however, its production had been undermined by an unfortunate series of circumstances. DARK POWERS [see it here on Patreon] ultimately became buried beneath one too many other production commitments regarding the development of other projects here at QEW HQ.  This burden of too many commitments eventually rendered it inactive for years. However, the fortunate advent of its new colorist, Ibrahim Aydin, has established a new rising dawn of hope for the completion of DARK POWERS' production. Ibrahim has already successfully colored issues 1-2 and is now patiently waiting to resume with coloring issues 3-6. Such a dramatic and favorable turn of events could lead to DARK POWERS being selected as another possible candidate title of QEW Publishing's 2017 1st Quarter New Releases.

Next Quarterly Blog Update: December 31, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016



Like a number of other small press comic creators and artists last year, QEW Publishing was denied its reservation for an Artist Alley exhibit spot at Emerald City Comi-Con. A change in ownership by ReedPOP ushered forth new managerial decisions that slightly altered the criterion for reservation approvals. ECCC had originally been a 3-day event, but had now been extended to a nearly week-long, 4-day event. Considering the logistics and cost for attending admittedly made the choice of taking a break from cons for 2016 a bit easier. Nevertheless, an application to attend ECCC 2017 for next year has recently been submitted. The application is merely a formal registered request for a reservation, and in no way provides a guarantee for an approval. QEW Publishing is hoping to receive an approval. Attending Emerald City Comi-Con again would offer showcasing opportunities for new printed editions of 2016 1st Quarter New Releases, BLOOD & SILVER #3 and BLACKSTONE #0. Penciling story illustrator for the horror comic, ARACHNE, Steven Millage, has been invited to attend as QEW Publishing's official guest artist. There would also be a wonderful chance to see friends and colleagues again, review and scout new talent for future projects, and it would be particularly great to attempt to reunite a few of the QEW Gals, QEW Publishing's cadre of lovely lady volunteers who help out at the show.


The result of some of the massive changes that were implemented earlier here this year at QEW HQ resulted in the formation of QEW Publishing's Active TDL, or "To-Do List." This has helped keep control of QEW Publishing's limited internal resources and finances while it currently focuses heavily on the challenging determination  to produce multiple projects through vigorous multi-tasking. So far, it's been very effective. Within the TDL's Active Operations section under "Writing," a total of ten developing projects are listed. Script production for five of these comic book projects, ARACHNE, MAGISPHERE, BLOOD & SILVER, REPO KATZ, and P.I. McQUEEN has made significant progress. This even includes the progress on the rough draft manuscript for QEW Publishing's first novel of vampire fiction, BLOOD ROOT. The level of accomplishment here is an important milestone for productions in the area of writing. This certainly encourages extending these efforts to the remaining four other projects, THE BUGS NEXT DOOR, G.O. GIRL, NIGHTMARIUM, and BEAUTIFUL BEAST. Completing one or two of these previously mentioned projects could make this extension much easier. More disciplined usage of the Active TDL should continue to help streamline productions even further.


May 13th and 14th were the dates for QEW Publishing's signing and showcasing event for the EAT & RUN #0 printed edition comic book. The event was held at the Finders Keepers retail and trade store located in Bellingham, Washington. Despite a few minor challenges with paying for parking every hour for one day, the overall experience was fun, enlightening, and rewarding. Finders Keepers has a great location there in downtown Bellingham. Owner and manager Roger, and his assistant, Embry, were exceptionally welcoming and accommodating. Friday yielded a surprisingly steady amount of foot traffic throughout the day, resulting in some favorable interactions with patrons. There were some fruitful opportunities for editions of EAT & RUN #0 to be showcased and even sold. Printed editions of ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO #1 were on display there, too, but only because Finders Keepers kindly advertised it as part of the store's promotion for the event. All parking in downtown was free on Saturday and it was not as busy as expected. There were two fun twists that still made it worthwhile. EAT & RUN's character model and all-around awesome QEW Gal, Sarah Williams, who's actually a Bellingham local herself, joined in to help showcase and sell EAT & RUN comics for a few hours. And though the live video broadcast scheduled around noon didn't garner any large numbers of viewers, the technical operations managed to go well without any hitches or glitches. The event concluded very favorably with QEW Publishing proposing another signing event in the future after the release of the EAT & RUN full-color, 75-page graphic novel. 


QEW Publishing's new promo video ad for it's ongoing Patreon Campaign is short. sweet, and to the point. The ad features the wonderful Ad Twins, who hail from the popular oddjobs website, Fiverr. The "twins" really perform exceptionally. They clearly and succinctly describe QEW Publishing's purpose and its goals for being there on Patreon. The video wraps-up quite nicely with them happily mentioning the rewards available there and then inviting visitors to like QEW Publishing on Facebook and follow its tweets on Twitter. This video in its current form is actually very raw. Very unrefined. Plans to incorporate more visual graphics and musical soundtrack are currently underway. Friend and associate of QEW Publishing, Louisa Benitez, is in collaboration now to ply some her know-how to help achieve this goal. Being that this video is well done and professionally produced, there is great confidence a refined version will no doubt be as great as its original.


As stated earlier, some of the changes made here at QEW Publishing actually helped to nudge forward several new ideas to help earn a bit more revenue. One of these ideas is to set up a new online consignment venue on Etsy called QEW Emporium. It would help diversify the availability of alternative small press products not exclusively produced by QEW Publishing while providing commercial opportunities for other small press creators. QEW Emporium's has already settled consignment agreements with its first several clients. Two of these items are published books the other is a piece of furniture that has been refurbished by hand into an impressive work of art. There aren't very many selections on Etsy's QEW Emporium at the moment, but there's no doubt that more products will be added there in the future.


Earlier YO-YO penciled/inked story art

Sadly, after numerous attempts to complete this 4-part superhero/action mini-series, efforts have once again failed to enable YO-YO to reach its printable fruition. YO-YO's penciling artist, Chandra Purnamakelly, has elected to terminate his agreement contract with QEW Publishing. After being directed one too many times to ply revisions to his submitted work, Chandra had become disheartened and discouraged and finally decided to call it quits. Despite efforts to help encourage him to understand that constructive criticism and editorial directives were normal protocols of the comic book production process, he was having none of it. Chandra had had enough. As disappointing as his decision was, Chandra, to his credit, actually achieved some significant progress. He seemed to strive consistently to overcome a language barrier in order to better comprehend YO-YO's visual plot scripts. He also still managed to complete all the interior story art comprising issues 1-3. Needless to say, this is a major loss of money and time, and effort--especially for the other artists involved. For now, YO-YO will sadly be consigned to an indefinite inactive status.


Some time a while back, while returning from a Comi-Con International event in San Diego on a Sunday evening, an epiphany had occurred, the idea to develop a new horror comic project was created, and AMERICAN RIPPER was conceived. A formal project proposal that included a plot summary was quickly drafted and published. Veteran author, John Steven Anderson, was tapped to extrapolate further upon the original source material. He succeeded to form AMERICAN RIPPER into a more tangible story. Artist Conan Momchilov signed on as both penciler and inker. Writer David Berner signed on later as scriptwriter to utilize Anderson's work as secondary source material. A dynamic creative team had been assembled. Initially, Conan started out submitting a few samples of fantastic pages of story art for AMERICAN RIPPER until he suddenly took a hiatus. QEW Publishing halted production. But then after nearly a couple of years passed, the creative team miraculously reassembled itself. Conan reached out and recommitted himself to the project and David instantly resumed his scripting. AMERICAN RIPPER is a historical suspense fantasy about the pursuit of Jack Ripper across the United States some time after the infamous killer escapes England undetected and leaving behind his bloody legacy. Thanks to the renewed reunion of its creative team, QEW Publishing is confident AMERICAN RIPPER has a better chance now reach its completion.


Penciled cover by Steven Millage
Spiders have been fascinating subjects for horror stories forever.  In 1977 writer/producer, Dan Curtis, aired a TV horror movie, CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW.  It featured a tale about a woman with a split personality, one of which, preyed upon men at night, and was able to transform herself into a giant black widow spider. A film adaptation of Ray Bradbury's SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES featured a skin-crawling scene of hundreds of tarantulas invading the bedroom of a terrified little boy. These are the cornerstone elements inspiring the production of ARACHNE, a 4-part comic that once again features spiders as the central focus of horror. ARACHNE will introduce the penciled story art of Steven Millage, who is also QEW Publishing prospective guest artist for Emerald City Comi-Con 2017. The production on the project is significantly making progress. Visual Plot scripts for Parts 1 and 2 are nearly completed. All story art comprising Part 1 has been completed and pages 1-12 of story for Part 2 is done with remaining pages to follow. QEW Publishing will soon be seeking an inker to join the ARACHNE creative team.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016



QEW Publishing has been creating and producing its own independent comics ever since it was established in 2003. When it reformed itself in 2011 and became its own self-publishing enterprise, it has maintained an annual standard of publishing and releasing two new comic books the first quarter of every new year. Numerous new comics were now being created, but gradually, QEW Publishing's annual standard was placed in financial jeopardy. The number of current active projects and developing future ones had begun exceeding the funding available for them. This drastically effected QEW Publishing's operations for comic book production and artistic support. Monetary cutbacks on significant activities were applied. The majority of active productions were immediately consigned to an inactive status and QEW Publishing's operational flowchart was revised, which reduced the overall workload to a more manageable configuration. Now that operations have now been drastically minimized and crucial cutbacks have been put in place, QEW Publishing still remains functional and productive. The focus here at QEW HQ will now be strongly fixated upon acquiring more funding to resume the majority of its productions again.


During a brief conversation about fund-raising at the 2015 Rose City Comi-Con in Portland, Oregon with friend and colleague, Cara Nicole aka AZPowergirl, she suggested the idea of launching a campaign on Patreon. She believed it could help QEW Publishing with raising funds for its production and marketing efforts. QEW Publishing took Cara's suggestion as sound advice, and did just that, and discovered that Patreon offers a wonderful venue. QEW Publishing can still avidly promote its brand as it seeks out prospective supporters, who could gradually help comprise an exclusive readership willing to help the goal of continuing to create and produce comics. Supporters, who choose to become Patrons, can select to pledge a monetary allowance ranging in amounts between $1.00 to $10.00 per month. Depending on the amount pledged, these Patrons can be be rewarded either 1 to 4 downloadable e-comics currently available from QEW Publishing. Patrons can also attain periodic updates on the progress of QEW Publishing reaching goals on Patreon, Facebook, and even Twitter. QEW Publishing's Patreon Campaign can be visited via the following active link here at: QEW Publishing's Patreon Campaign.


Despite overall production operations being effected, QEW Publishing's annual standard of two new comic book releases has still managed to be maintained for this year, but with a bit of a twist. The 2016 1st Quarter Line-Up of new releases are BLOOD & SILVER #3 and BLACKSTONE #1. BLOOD & SILVER #3 is the third sequel of  a 6-part, werewolf mini-series and BLACKSTONE #1 is first issue of 3-part, action/crime yarn. While BLOOD & SILVER #3 will be published and released as both printed and e-comic editions, BLACKSTONE #1 will be released only in e-comic form, but with an intention for a printed edition pending for a later release. Considering the new measures that have now been put in place, this is a partial achievement. Nevertheless, wrangling resources for printing and marketing these new books has been quite the financial struggle. New incentives are now in play for an emphasis on strictly producing and releasing e-comics instead.


Since a portion of necessary cutbacks have been plied principally to QEW Publishing's operational budget for printing, there's been a renewed focus mainly on e-comic production as the annual new releases. There are naturally no printing costs required for e-comics and the internet are their ultimate distributor. Payloadz and Amazon's Comixology are the two key venues being utilized as the online platforms for downloadable sales. An active direct link to Payloadz is located on the footer of QEW Publishing's official website in the form of "e-Book" clip art and more e-comics are being submitted to Comixology. This emphasis on e-comics is necessary, but it's most assuredly a temporary adjustment. QEW Publishing is continuing to strive to resume producing and releasing its comics as both e-comics and printed editions.


BLOOD ROOT is the first novel ever put into production by QEW Publishing. It is also the first book of a quadrilogy vampire fiction series. From its original handwritten draft composed of two regular notebooks, the production of the novel's actual manuscript continues with due diligence. The novel has a tentative projected length comprising a total of twenty-six chapters while the rough draft of Chapter 18 is currently in composition. BLOOD ROOT is based on the original idea of its co-creator and commissioner, Moya Jackie. BLOOD ROOT's premise is about two sisters with a contentious relationship. One of them human; the other a vampire. The crux of the premise revolves around the vampire sister's struggle with a mystery about whether her human sister is somehow responsible for her being turned. Moya Jackie had commissioned QEW Publishing to expound further upon her idea, which helped transform it into a 4-book series. With only eight chapters ideally now remaining for drafting, it's plausible the entire rough manuscript could finally be done by the end of the year.


HELLION #3 printed editions at Rah-Coco's Collectibles
When Jim Savard first submitted his idea for his creator-owned, horror comic mini-series, he had no idea of the amount of time, talent, and patience that would be invested in keeping its production on a consistent arc toward completion. The launch of HELLION's production has been amazing. Despite some unfortunate setbacks with some technical difficulties and losing creative team members along the way, HELLION has stayed the course. Jim has kept up with writing the scripts of every issue for submission. Phillip Hudson has been exemplary maintaining his due diligence as penciling illustrator, producing the penciled story art for issues 1-3, which have been published and released. Jim has also been outstanding in his inspiring efforts of promotion and marketing HELLION. The series' own Facebook page, Hellion: the comic book, has over two thousand followers. He has inspired his good friend, Regan Hurst, to carry the mini-series on the shelves of Rah-Coco's Collectibles, the comic store Regan owns. Jim has even inspired a local music band, Impending Reflections, which has composed and produced a song and music video titled Ghost in the Mist. He has also exhibited HELLION at Boston Comic Con, helping to make it QEW Publishing's most distributed comic book series on the east coast. So the course remains steady as production continues to ensue with issues 4 and 5.


In 2003, the idea for an action/fantasy comic about magical faerie creatures at war with monstrous imps became the catalyst for the creation of a 4-part, comic mini-series titled PIX. It was one of QEW Publishing's earliest titles that sadly never seemed to ever get finished. After suffering a succession of artists failing to fully commit to its completion, PIX had been consigned to a categorical archive of indefinite stasis where it has been for years. Then just recently, a new artist named Kayla Townsend, who had showed some previous interest in the project, decided to join QEW Publishing and help to revive its production. Kayla admired PIX's premise and artistic theme. She has never worked artistically in comics before, but she has presented a significant amount of potential illustrative and inking talents and has displayed a sincere passion of rising to the challenge to complete PIX's production. So it's with great elation that this mini-series will finally receive a full restart after so many years in administrative exile.


QEW Publishing has sadly elected for now to forgo exhibiting at any comic conventions scheduled for this year. Annual attendance and presentation at conventions have been paramount to QEW Publishing's promotional and marketing operations, but cost-cutting has impacted budgeting efforts for covering reservation, attendance, and travel expenses. This is a necessary and bittersweet decision, but also a very tentative one. Even though QEW Publishing is fervently now fixated on its freshly launched Patreon campaign and concentrating mainly on producing and releasing e-comics instead of printed as well, due diligence will continue to be dispensed to return to the convention circuit as soon as possible.

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